New Year’s Resolutions

How do you reintroduce a blog to which you haven’t posted in five months? In my defence, some time before Christmas I had a moment of shock when I realised that my last blog post had been in August. Sadly, I couldn’t do much about it because the church’s decision to piggyback on a pagan festival to celebrate Jesus’ birth makes it very difficult to anything non-Christmassy for a good couple of weeks. I was going to post something over New Year instead – in fact, blogging more often is one of my New Year’s resolutions – but you can’t write a blog post and follow an episode of Sherlock at the same time.

Time has been massively slipping away from me in the past few months. It’s an occupational hazard of long-distance relationships, I suppose, but a fantastic holiday in Hungary and the Czech Republic didn’t help either. Neither did getting promoted at work and adapting to a slightly different job, nor the fact that I very rarely leave work less than half an hour late, spend a minimum of 12 hours out of the house every day and am pretty much constantly tired. But time is the one thing I’m going to have to manage this year.

When I say I’m making New Year’s resolutions, I really mean it. I currently have a page-long, bullet-pointed list divided into sections for my job, social life, finances, health and overall not-being-quite-so-rubbish-ness. Yes, that’s a word now. Blogging more often is obviously on the list, but so are staying in touch with people and actually saving money. It almost sounds grown up, but I’ve taken some solace in the thought that even if I don’t achieve everything, a 50% success rate will probably result in a generally better life. It’s probably the best I can hope for: this year is so far set to include two foreign holidays (two! I thought only rich people managed that), lots of time spent on trains and precious few free weekends. And I’m still leaving the house at 6.35am every day.

I do plan to post more regularly. There’s so much happening that I could have been writing about – Michael Gove has continued to demonstrate his insanity by pouring scorn on people who know a lot more about teaching than he does, controversial TV shows have been accused of demonising the poor and excited as I am about Peter Capaldi taking over the Tardis, the Doctor Who Christmas Special was a bitter disappointment. There could easily be (and may be in the future) an entire post on Shia LeBoeuf’s inability to acknowledge other people’s authorship and his new creed, Metamodernism.

There’s nothing more frustrating than having opinions you can’t express, so every time I sit down to write a blog and realise there aren’t enough hours in the day I’m less than impressed. Unfortunately, the nature of my job means that even though I write for a living I can’t write about anything I actually care about, so I have to collar an actual person and rant at them. I feel quite guilty about it sometimes – it denies them the right to ignore everything I say that they would enjoy if they saw the link on Facebook or Twitter. Unfortunately, the nature of my job means that even though I write for a living I can’t write about anything I actually care about. In a world of tax and pensions, I think I probably need this blog to keep me sane.

So here’s the plan: I will make myself find the time to post a minimum of one blog post a month this year, with additional rants and musings whenever I have the time and something to say. Hopefully it will be worth saying, though that’s never stopped me before.


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