Bardathon 2016

You may perhaps have gathered by now that I like an old book or two. And as old books go, it takes quite a lot to beat the works of William Shakespeare. (We’ve covered this before – and even if they weren’t all written by that one guy, who cares?)

April 23rd 2016 supposedly marks the Bard’s 452nd birthday, or the 400th anniversary of his death. To “celebrate”, I’m joining my good friend Samantha Lin in her 2016 Bardathon challenge. I’ve picked two categories that I’m going to complete by the end of the year if it bloody well kills me:

  • Non-Anglophone Shakespearean: I will finally watch all three of Kurosawa’s Shakespeare films (I have Throne of Blood on DVD and I’ve never gotten around to it). However, on top of that I will endeavour to watch at least one screen/stage adaptation from every continent (I may struggle with Antarctica).
  • Cinematic/Comedic Shakespearean: I’ll also watch at least five separate screen adaptations of Shakespeare’s comedies. I’ve never been a fan of reading the comedies, because so much of the humour is lost on the page. I’d always much prefer to watch them yet I don’t do it enough, so I’m going to do this too.

I’ll be updating you on my progress here, but if you want to find out about the challenge – or maybe even give it a go yourself – check out Samantha’s Bardathon blog post. She’s got prizes and everything.

March 2016 (yeah it took me a while to get going): Macbeth (dir. Justin Kurzel, 2015), Europe